Beat the market.

Only 1% of all fund managers beat the market. Become a successful investor with strategies with an empirical track record. No bullshitting but many facts & fun. For beginners and experienced investors.

About  me

I started studying the stock market when I was 14 years old. By the age of 21, I had 6 digit assets under management and generated a return of 40% in less than a year. As a consequence, I was able to personally finance my studies in Boston and London.                 

When I was 17, I was accepted for HSBC's dual study programme which has an acceptance rate of 0.8%. I studied Banking & Finance and worked in 14 different teams for Europe's biggest bank. After finishing my Bachelor's Degree with recommendation letters from both HSBC and my professors, I worked for a consultancy. Next, I joined Harvard University for a course in Economics and Philosophy which I passed with the best mark possible (A), postgraduate credit and a recommendation letter.


Following this, I went to SOAS (ranked 4th globally for Development Studies) to start a 1 year Master of Science in International Finance and Development Economics. In my dissertation, I collaborated with the University of Oxford. Due to my high marks, I got various recommendation letters and worked in two research jobs. In one research job, I worked on a green finance model under the supervision of Dr. Gregor Semieniuk who is the lead author of the Emission Gap Report of the United Nations. In the other research job, I dealt with fintechs under the supervision of Dr. Adeline Pelletier who holds a PhD from London School of Economics. Then, I worked as Entrepreneur in Residence at Hanse Ventures, the biggest startup incubator in Northern Germany before I started at the Berlin based finch RIDE.


Why do I need Finneo ?

Finneo is a global novelty. It is the first evidence-based online financial coaching company. What do I mean with evidence based? I substantiate my content with studies and real events.


99 % of the funds manager do not perform better than the market over 10 years. Here you learn how you can be better than 99% of the funds manager. You can also learn how to invest in a way which leads to double-digit annual returns and saves the world we live in. Making money and improving the world? That is possible through Finneo. You get tailored one-on-one tutoring lessons via Skype for a third of the price of other financial coaches. 

Finance affects us all. Studies show that people become happier up until a certain point as they become wealthier. Knowing that there is no shortage of money even leads to increasing health and intelligence. The life expectancy of wealthy people is longer. Unfortunately, most people do not know anything about investing, even finance students. Finneo wants to fight this knowledge gap and thus enable you to live a happier life where you can realise your dreams.


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